A day in Sagarlore

There is nothing like starting the day in Sagarlore appreciating the mountain view and the beautiful trees that surround our hotel. A perfect dose of inspiration to disconnect from the daily grind and everyday stress.

At Sagarlore our breakfast is healthy, with a wide range of ecological products all provided by our local suppliers. We enjoy a healthy, balanced diet and you can eat without any hurry.

On the ground-floor you can choose your perfect breakfast from the large variety of products available in our dining-room… Bread, tomato, cheese, olive-oil, cow`s milk, free-range eggs, fruit, juices, yogurts, jams, cakes… Can you imagine breakfast here? And with a chance of enjoying it outside breathing the fresh air that is in plentiful supply? Well, at Sagarlore it is possible.

Once your stomach is satisfied why not go for a walk in the area surrounding our hotel or just organize an alternative plan, easy with all the possibilities that our surroundings offer. Hiking, gastronomy, sport, culture… Which of these options do you prefer? At Sagarlore we can help you and design the plan that best suits your needs.

If you do not want to go very far, Astigarraga, just a few minutes walk away from our hotel, is a very lively village with a great atmosphere. A charming little place with welcoming locals. Have some good wine and taste the typical pintxos on offer in this area or visit the Sagardoetxea – the Museum of Cider – these are just a couple of the activities you can do without leaving the centre of the village.

What are the options at lunchtime? You can go to San Sebastián to try its renowned gastronomy – with many restaurants and bars full of the local delights or you can stay in Astigarraga and taste the typical menu at a Cider Farm – there are more than twenty close to the village. This is something you will never forget!

Do you know how you can end the day in Sagarlore? Watching the sunset from any of our balconies and having a relaxing bath in your room. What more can you ask for!


Hotel Sagarlore, alojamiento seguro covid en Donostia San Sebastián
Hotel Sagarlore para turismo familiar en Donostia San Sebastián
Sagarlore certificado como turismo ético en Donostia San Sebastián
Turismo sostenible y responsable en Donostia San Sebastián
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A charming, ecological, country-style hotel. Rest and enjoy your stay with your five five senses at Sagarlore.

Located only 7 km from San Sebastián, we are specialists in offering our visitors a place to enjoy and to relax. What are you waiting for to visit us?


C/ Petritegi, n º 3
20115 Astigarraga - Gipuzkoa

T. 843 931 000



43°17’32.9”N; 1°56’23.8”W

Registry number:

H SS00845

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