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Enjoy our local gastronomy at a leisurely pace

We like to enjoy our food at a leisurely, relaxed pace. Sagarlore is a return to the simple enjoyment of the tastes and the values of traditional cooking. The important thing is to simply enjoy the pleasure of eating our food.

We want you to relish the experience of eating real natural products prepared using local recipes, and to stimulate your senses of taste and smell. At Sagarlore you will eat local, organic, quality products at your own pace. Delight your taste buds without looking at the clock. We are committed to offering our visitors healthy, responsibly-produced food, where local, seasonal and organic products are the stars of the show. Food that respects the environment and helps to preserve our culinary heritage.

Breakfast at Sagarlore

We carefully select the local products we put on your table, some from the village of Astigarraga itself and others from farmhouses in the surrounding villages. In this way we help to keep the gastronomic and cultural wealth of our countryside, and that of our farmers, alive. The Kitchen at Sagarlore uses high quality products, supplied by organic growers or with guarantees of origin, that are treated with extra special care and the utmost respect.

Fresh cow`s milk from the Bordazar farmhouse, free-range eggs with Eusko Label certification, fresh craft cheese and yogurt from Larrea, toast with tomato and oil from Navarre, a selection of confectionery, products from Qasatxerri, genuine Idiazábal cheese (Denomination de Origen) etc. In addition to fruit, coffee, tea/infusions, locally produced apple juice from the Petritegi cider farm along with orange juice.

This is because any gastronomic journey must begin with a good breakfast, and so Sagarlore provides you with the best way to get to know the authentic tastes of our land.


Hotel Sagarlore, alojamiento seguro covid en Donostia San Sebastián
Hotel Sagarlore para turismo familiar en Donostia San Sebastián
Sagarlore certificado como turismo ético en Donostia San Sebastián
Turismo sostenible y responsable en Donostia San Sebastián
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A charming, ecological, country-style hotel. Rest and enjoy your stay with your five five senses at Sagarlore.

Located only 7 km from San Sebastián, we are specialists in offering our visitors a place to enjoy and to relax. What are you waiting for to visit us?


C/ Petritegi, n º 3
20115 Astigarraga - Gipuzkoa

T. 843 931 000



43°17’32.9”N; 1°56’23.8”W

Registry number:

H SS00845

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