It's bathing season at Sagarlore!

We're opening the pool! We'd like to present the latest news from the Sagarlore hotel: in our beautiful garden, in front of the hotel, we've created a swimming pool where you can relax...

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Active tourism and green plans

In Sagarlore we know that the current motivation of the traveler consists of living authentic experiences in first person, these activities will create an unforgettable memory of the trip made. Our...

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Near by gastronomic plans

In Sagarlore we know that gastronomy is one of the pleasures most demanded by our customers, this is one of the main motivations of travelers to visit Donostia and Gipuzkoa. Due to our privileged l...

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“Gastro-Lore”, Sagarlore Hotel's new gourmet service.

  Enjoying a region's flavours is one of the most appealing things about any trip. Even more so if you're going to Donostia! From the famous restaurants with their Michelin stars to pintx...

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The Basque Coast

Today we suggest discovering one of the coastlines with the most personality and flavour anywhere in Europe: the Basque coast. This name refers to the coast running from Bilbao to Bayonne, passing thr...

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San Sebastián: an obligatory visit

San Sebastián is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. An incomparable setting where gastronomy unites with culture and spectacular beauty. A place that must be visited and which is just 7 km from the hotel Sagarlore.

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Plans for the family at Easter

Easter holidays are the perfect occasion to spend time together with the family. The daily routine engulfs us all and does not give us time to enjoy the company of our loved ones. But now we finally h...

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A day in Sagarlore

There is nothing like starting the day in Sagarlore appreciating the mountain view and the beautiful trees that surround our hotel. A perfect dose of inspiration to disconnect from the daily grind and...

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Sagarlore and Astigarraga

The Hotel Sagarlore is located in Astigarraga, an important crossroads since ancient times and the ideal starting point to discover the whole culture of cider in Gipuzkoa province. Astigarraga is a to...

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The hote Sagarlore

Hello, my name is Marijo Merketegi and I would like to welcome you to Sagarlore, the charming new green country hotel located in Astigarraga, very close to San Sebastián, in Gipuzkoa province. Saga...

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A charming, ecological, country-style hotel. Rest and enjoy your stay with your five five senses at Sagarlore.

Located only 7 km from San Sebastián, we are specialists in offering our visitors a place to enjoy and to relax. What are you waiting for to visit us?


C/ Petritegi, n º 3
20115 Astigarraga - Gipuzkoa

T. 843 931 000
F. 943 363 747


43°17’32.9”N; 1°56’23.8”W

Registry number:

H SS00845