The Basque Coast

Today we suggest discovering one of the coastlines with the most personality and flavour anywhere in Europe: the Basque coast. This name refers to the coast running from Bilbao to Bayonne, passing through Gipuzkoa province. An area packed with well-known spots and others you'll love discovering.

From the Sagarlore hotel, the whole of the Basque coastline is within your reach. Modern Bilbao is just an hour's drive from the hotel. Here in the capital of Bizkaia province there's much more to see than just the (essential) Guggenheim museum by the architect Frank Gehry. We suggest the following plan: stroll around the streets of the old town and discover its food, take the chance to browse the city centre shops or visit the spectacular Bizkaia bridge nearby; this, the world's first hanging transporter  bridge, was opened in 1893. Because it's worth taking your time over Bilbao.

Returning to the coast, all the small towns and villages offer a taste of their ancient seafaring tradition, the beauty of an exceptional natural setting and, of course, their food, closely linked to the Basques' beloved sea and specialising in fresh fish washed down with the typical drinks of the region; txakoli and sagardoa (natural cider).

Our coastline also has some spectacular, authentic movie settings, like the island of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (Bermeo) and the beach of Itzurun (Zumaia), where scenes for the legendary series "Game of Thrones" were recently shot.

For sports enthusiasts, the Basque coastline offers some great places for surfing: some of the best include the beaches of La Salvaje in Sopela, Mundaka, Zarautz, the Zurriola in San Sebastián and Biarritz. And for those seeking a rest who want to spend a day on the beach close to the Sagarlore hotel, don't miss the chance to take a nice dip at the beautiful, well-kept beaches of San Sebastián, Hondarribia or Zarautz, all here in Gipuzkoa province.

There are numerous museums devoted to the relationship between the Basques and the sea. The nearest to the hotel are to be found in San Sebastián, the Aquarium and the Maritime Museum (both in the port district) and in Pasaia, the Albaola shipyard and the Mater museum.

As you can see, very close to our hotel there's a whole coastline to discover and enjoy with all five senses.


Marijo Merketegi, manager of Sagarlore.


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