Sagarlore and Astigarraga

The Hotel Sagarlore is located in Astigarraga, an important crossroads since ancient times and the ideal starting point to discover the whole culture of cider in Gipuzkoa province. Astigarraga is a town that, despite being industrial, has managed to hold on to its rural character, centring on a lifestyle that revolves around its farms. Its surroundings are rich in vegetable plots, fields and cider apple orchards. You can enjoy the freshness and flavour of some of this delicious local produce at breakfast in our hotel.

But above all, Astigarraga is known for its cider makers, some of them in 16th-century farmhouses. A cider house is an establishment where you can try cider served straight from the barrels in its cellar (in the ritual known as "txotx") and enjoy a succulent cider house meal, generally consisting of cod omelette, fried cod pieces, beef rib, Idiazabal cheese with quince conserve and walnuts. It's a unique gastronomic experience!

Ideas recommended by Sagarlore

One of the most interesting ideas we at Sagarlore suggest is a visit to Petritegi, a family cider maker just 300 metres from our hotel and a landmark of cider making in Astigarraga. As well as its renowned ciders, it makes a tasty cider apple juice that you can also enjoy at breakfast in our hotel.

Petritegi is open all year round and stands out for the service offered by our friendly, hospitable staff, its delicious food (including a range of meals and seasonal produce) and its varied, interesting range of cultural experiences: different types of tour, workshops for children, activities and more. With them you can discover and enjoy the world of cider with all five senses. As guests at the hotel, you can take advantage of tempting offers to discover Petritegi.

Another idea we suggest, to combine the culture of cider with nature, is to take the “Santiagomendiko Sagardoaren Ibilbidea” tour. This consists of following a marked route setting out from Sagardoetxea, the Basque cider museum. This museum, located in the centre of our town, is just 20 minutes' walk from our hotel. In this activity you'll climb to the top of the mountain of Santiagomendi and find out about Astigarraga's links to cider.

Another of Astigarraga's charms is the architecture to be found in the town centre. Life here revolves around the Plaza de los Fueros, where the town hall and the frontón court stand. In this square the people of Astigarraga celebrate their festivities and the main dates in the cider-making calendar. Very nearby is the palace of Murguía and the parish church, examples of mediaeval architecture that have survived intact to this day.

Astigarraga means cider and fine food, in a rural landscape with deep-rooted traditions, a town proud of its culture of cider and the ideal place to begin your journey around the Basque Country.

Marijo Merketegi.
Manager of Sagarlore.


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